A thank you to those who are continuing to support us

As a thank you to customers who are continuing to purchase from us and support our efforts after all the MS2020 updates, I’m significantly raising the Flightbeam points earned per purchase. While the new sim is very exciting and we’re planning on developing for it, surviving as a tiny shop until release is proving very difficult. My heartfelt thanks to customers who have continued to purchase and support us and keeping us alive.

Effective immediately, you get 15 points for each dollar spent. Redeeming rewards will be much quicker and customers will be able to claim a reward coupon even after one purchase.

The points required to claim a reward has also dropped significantly, which rewards those who have already recently purchased from us and already have points:

$5 voucher – 300 points
$2 voucher – 120 points
$10 voucher – 600 points


To see more info about Flightbeam Points and to see your balance, simply go to https://shop.flightbeam.net/ and click on the bottom right of the screen and make sure you’re logged in.

Please note I understand feedback about points not being retroactive to older purchases. The software we implemented to allow the purchase system simply doesn’t allow us to distribute retroactive points to older purchases, especially from the old Esellerate system we used.

Again, thank you!