• Stunning 2048x2048 High Definition textures throughout airport
  • Flightbeam Version 3 Active Jetways
  • Custom terrain, depicting slopes and dips between taxiways
  • Completely custom ultra realistic see through windows with dirt, reflections and smudges
  • Custom animated vehicles
  • 3d grass throughout airport
  • Animated runway guard hold short lights
  • Nearly 12,000 acres (50sq/km) of custom buildings/textures!
  • Special environmental effects such as water puddles and lamp glows
  • High tech optimization for best performance
  • .. and MUCH more

Welcome to Denver International Airport, situated almost exactly at the center of the United States and home of the largest airport in the country!

Denver International has been faithfully re-created in high quality to bring you one of the most majestic airports, best known for it's immense size, longest runway in the country and the famous Jepessen Terminal which holds 1.5 million square feet of space.




Custom Elevation Terrain

KDEN comes with an all new custom terrain which accurately depicts the hills and dips found throughout the airport.

Static Models Included

A variety of new, high quality static aircraft full the void at the largest ramps, such as FEDEX and United Maintenance areas. Models are highly optimized for zero performance hit.

High Quality, Active docking jetways

Flightbeam Version 3 Active jetways are across all concourses, and will dock to your aircraft at almost any gate.

Environmental Effects

Water puddles are see through and reflect the sky as well, lamp glows accurately light up the night sky and dirt marks make the environment feel ultra realistic

3d Grass

Custom placed 3d grass is found throughout the airport. The models come LOD optimized and help you maintain excellent performance with great visuals

See Through Terminal Windows

Almost all the terminal windows are see through with models inside the buildings. Transparency, reflections and specular dirt marks all together for an ultra realistic visual

Optimized for best performance

Extensive optimization techniques used for best performance possible. Even though there's more detail at KDEN than any of our previous products, it runs 10-20% better performance (on most systems)

And MUCH More

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