• ALL-NEW, completely re-done from the ground up.
  • Stunning 2048x2048 High Definition textures throughout airport
  • Completely updated, including new ATC tower, new Boarding E building and more!
  • Completely custom ultra realistic see through windows with dirt, reflections and smudges
  • Custom animated vehicles
  • 3d grass throughout airport
  • Animated, dynamic jetways that attach to your aircraft
  • Detailed highway overpasses covering US-101 and I380 highway interchanges
  • Special environmental effects such as water puddles and lamp glows
  • High tech optimization for best performance
  • .. and MUCH more

Welcome to San Francisco International, gateway to the Pacific and 7th busiest airport in the United States.

KSFOHD is a completely new product, not an update to our previous KSFO. It's been re-created from scratch with all new development techniques to bring you one of the most immersive and detailed simulation airports ever made.




Detail, Detail and more Detail

We've packed an enormous amount of detail into a small area, focusing on your immersion as you arrive and depart.

Static Models Included

A variety of private aircraft are found parked near the FBO, like the real airport

High Quality, Active docking jetways

Three completely different kinds of jetways at KSFOHD, all work dynamically to link up to your aircraft.

Environmental Effects

Grease marks on the runways slightly reflect the sky, lampglows light up the night and much much more.

3d Grass

Custom placed 3d grass is found throughout the airport. The models come LOD optimized and help you maintain excellent performance with great visuals

See Through Terminal Windows

Almost all the terminal windows are see through with models inside the buildings. Transparency, reflections and specular dirt marks all together for an ultra realistic visual

Optimized for best performance

We've pushed the boundaries of optimization, with low VAS usage and best framerate performance possible.

And MUCH More

Why read more? Download our free trial to see for yourself!