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2014/2015 Production Roadmap

Flightbeam’s 2014/2015 roadmap is now public. Initial plan for 2015 is to deploy our second pipeline and have two projects going at once with production time remaining the same.

New projects being announced: KMSP and EDDF. Both will feature tech found in KDEN plus much more new tech that hasn’t been demonstrated yet. Projects will commence immediately after KSFO HD release.

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disclaimer: roadmap may be subject to change at any time.

Announcing our new re-designed website and logo

Flightbeam New Logo

We’ve just given the Flightbeam website a very fresh look! It starts with a brand new logo which is much easier to read and more legible than the previous. From there on, a new style guide was created and a whole new website sprung up. We’ve added dynamic features which allows us to post news in a much more efficient manner, complete with images and/or videos.

Additionally, the navigation has been simplified to allow visitors to quickly select their destination right from the dynamic menu. We hope you like it!

Flightbeam's New Website

Official Next Release: KSFO HD 2015

No longer called KSFO v3, because this is not an update to our original KSFO. This is an all new project, a completely rebuilt KSFO from the ground up to match our current level of quality. KSFO HD is made from complete scratch, from the updated ground, reworked models, crisp 2048×2048 textures, see through terminals and much more.

This update was made due to customer request! When asked what type of update needed, the vast majority of customers stated they would pay for a brand new version of KSFO.
If you already have our legacy KSFO product, you will receive a discount on the new KSFO HD.

Look for a release during the holiday season…

KSFO HD Ground Work in Progress

July Screenshot Contest Winner

Firstly.. wow, fantastic screenshots everyone. Thanks to everyone who participated. To quote from a thread directly from the admin forum: “I can already tell this will be hard to pick”, and it really was. There were so many great screenshots that it took a little debating and figure out who the overall winner was, because it certainly wasn’t unanimous in terms of who the top 3 were.

So here is our winner of the screenshot contest:


You will receive a coupon for a complimentary copy of KSFO-HD, a brand new KSFO product due for release later this year. (email to claim your prize)

Ok, now time for some honorable mentions. These screenshots were outstanding and were also debated. At some point, they may also be used on our website, or displayed on our facebook page.

Fantastic shots. Thanks again everybody for participating!