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KSFO HD, first previews

KSFO HD Terminal 2 is complete along with the old tower section. This has all been re-modeled and re-textured from scratch.

Can you spot the 3D passengers in the first 3 shots? Introducing Flightbeam Crowd-Source, a brand new feature that will debut with KSFO HD which adds great visuals and very little performance impact. It will be an optional feature for users but it’s currently in testing phase with very good results.

This is of course, on top of all our existing features: See-through terminals (so 2012…), ultra realistic glass, etc.

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Prepar3D v2.3 Installers – Soon

Prepar3D v2.3 has been released, but be aware our installers haven’t been updated yet. As soon as they are ready for download, we will let everyone know. Thanks for your patience!
We hope in the future, Lockheed Martin will work more closely with developers so that we can have installers ready BEFORE updates have been released to the public.