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Post by Mir // Flightbeam » Wed Jun 14, 2017 3:29 pm

I see duplicate/default buildings, taxisigns or severe terrain anomalies

As always, when default buildings are appearing it indicates a duplicate AFCAD file that should be removed from your sim. Here are the steps in order to resolve (in order):

1 - Use the Flightbeam Manager's troubleshooting tool to automatically find files causing this.

2 - If the above didn't work: Search your Sim folder for "OBX23161.bgl", if found, rename it to "OBX23161.OFF"

3 - If the above didn't work: Open your Scenery Library, start unchecking scenery one by one to temporarily de-activate them until the duplicate buildings disappear. This will tell you which scenery entry has the problematic file.

Important: Duplicate buildings are always caused by a third party AFCAD file. These are the best possible troubleshooting steps to solve this issue. Emailing support will not yield any other answers.


As of July 1, 2019 we no longer use serial numbers unless you purchased from a third party vendor (Simmarket, PCAviator, etc).
To re-download, simply visit our new shop:
Click "Account" and login, you will see all your downloads for your products.

If you don't see your products there and you've purchased it in the past from us, here are some reasons why this could be:

- You may have purchased them with a different email
- You haven't migrated your old orders yet

If you purchased anything from us before July 1, 2019, we have sent you an account invitation email which automatically merged your previous orders to our new store. If you did not receive this email, please email with as much information as possible.

If you purchased from different emails, you can merge those orders as well. Simply head over to our main FAQ to find out how:
Error during activation. "Unable to register required modules"


Highway Traffic does not drive on the bridges.

Unfortunately, this is a sim limitation.
Jetways do not work

KMSP uses SODE jetways. In order to use SODE jetways, you must first have SODE installed:
Once SODE is installed, be sure to turn on SODE option in the Flightbeam Manager. To get the jetway to connect, you can use Tab+S to open the SODE menu and select the gate... or if you have GSX simply use your GSX services shortcut (Ctrl + F12).

If you have installed SODE and jetways don't appear, be sure to check out the SODE Troubleshooting guide on the SODE website:

Please note that SODE is an addon created by another developer, our support with SODE issue is limited since we did not create the software. For more in depth SODE support, visit the SODE support forum:

The tunnels at MSP are flat

Be sure that your Mesh complexity and Mesh resolution settings are at the highest value. This setting does not affect performance.

Winter or other seasonal textures are not showing automatically

Be sure to change the season in the Flightbeam Manager, from the main page. When changing the season setting, it changes the seasonal textures automatically of all the products installed by Flightbeam Manager.
FSX: Does not show lamp glows at night

The lamp glows are using new technique which unfortunately does not work in FSX. For best possible experience and performance, we highly recommend using Prepar3D v4

The scenery flickers heavily

You may be using a third-party camera, such as ChasePlane. If using chaseplane, find your Cameras.cfg (back it up first). Change all instances of "ClipMode = Minimum" to "ClipMode = Normal" and save the file. Restart your sim.

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