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New Flightbeam Webstore FAQ

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New Flightbeam Webstore FAQ

Post by Mir // Flightbeam » Mon Jun 17, 2019 10:32 am

Please note, our new ecommerce system is login-based. All your previous orders and new purchases will be under one login. The same login info is used to access the Flightbeam Manager.

I didn't get a serial number after I purchased
We no longer use serial numbers. After your purchase you'll be presented with a download page. You can also download your purchases at any time by visiting your account page. Once installed the Flightbeam Manager will ask you to login. Use the same login as you used for the website.
The only time you'll be asked for a serial number is to activate a purchase made on a third party vendor such as Simmarket.

My serial is not found, or is invalid
You only need a serial number if you purchased from a third party vendor (ie: Simmarket, PCAviator, iBlueyonder, etc).
If you purchased from a third party vendor and your serial is not working, it's very likely that you are copy-pasting it which sometimes causes invisible special characters to go into the serial field. Instead, type the serial number manually.

Buildings are missing
If you see no buildings, but see other parts of the product such as ground textures, this indicates the scenery is not activated and is currently locked. This may happen for several reasons:
- After installing, you may have not logged into the Flightbeam Manager. Solution: Open the Flightbeam Manager and login
- If your purchase was made via a third-party vendor (Simmarket, PCAviator, iBlueYonder), you need to enter your serial number in the Flightbeam Manager.

Why is my account and purchases being migrated?
Earlier this year Esellerate announced that they would permanently cease operations on June 30, 2019. For this reason we found a new ecommerce solution and platform. To ensure uninterrupted access to your previous purchaes, your previous orders with Flightbeam were migrated to our new system, which required creating an account.

What if I purchased product from PCAviator, iBlueYonder or Simmarket?
We have a system in place to allow you to use those ordered products from within your Flightbeam account as well. For those orders, you'll need to activate them within the Flightbeam Manager using your original serial number.

What if I ordered from the Flightbeam store in the past with multiple different emails?
Our automatic migration process has created one account per email. So if you used several different emails for different orders before, an account has been started for each one. However, we have a system in place to merge those accounts into your main email account. Simply head over to our Account Merging Form

One or more of my products is missing/locked - Manager is asking for a serial number for it
It's likely that you have Flightbeam orders under different emails. The product that doesn't appear activated is likely from another email. We have a special form to merge those accounts, simply head over to our Account Merging Form

I just installed Product X and after installation the manager asked for a serial number
If you are seeing a serial number pop-up, it indicates that you ran an old installer. We no longer require serial numbers for regular Flightbeam purchases, just your login. Be sure to download a new installer from our new shop using your login.

Serial numbers are only needed for purchases made through third-party vendors such as simmarket, iBlueYonder or PCAviator. In that case, you can enter your serial number on the scenery's tab page.

The Manager is asking me to login
With the migration of all orders from esellerate to our new shop, serial numbers became obsolete and log-ins required.

We have migrated all of your orders from esellerate to our new shop. You have received an account invite for each e-mail address you have used for ordering at esellerate. Please accept the invite and set a password for your account.

Now use that e-mail along with the password for logging into the Manager.

Did you use multiple e-mail addresses at esellerate? Simply merge them using this webform:

>> Merge Flightbeam Accounts <<


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