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Product Installation Guide

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Product Installation Guide

Post by Mir // Flightbeam » Wed Jul 17, 2019 9:08 am

1. Download your product

Directly after purchasing, you will be presented with a download page for your new product. Download and save in a safe location. If you need to re-download at any time, simply revisit your account by going to

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2. Run the Installer

Be sure to specify the correct location of your sim. For most users, the default location is correct.

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3. If you purchased directly from the Flightbeam webstore

You may be asked to login. Use the same login as you used from the webstore. Once logged in, your product is activated and ready to go.

3B. If you purchased from a third-party vendor (Simmarket, PCAviator, iBlueYonder, etc)

You may be asked to login. Use an existing account, or create one for free if you're a new user. Once logged in, click the product tab that you have installed and you'll be prompted to enter your serial number to activate. Once completed, this product will be associated with your account when you login on

4. Configure the product (optional)

Once activated you can customize the product to your liking depending on your performance needs. Please note most of our products require the free SODE mod to display and utilize the advanced jetways.

Note on Seasons: The season selector on the main page of the Flightbeam Manager changes textures and seasonal variations only for the following northern hemisphere products: KPHX, KIAD, KDEN, KSFO and KMSP. Other products such as NZWN and KPDX dynamically changes season without input.

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