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Redeeming KDEN in Contrail

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Redeeming KDEN in Contrail

Post by B.M.MC » Wed Sep 02, 2020 5:01 pm

Myself, like many others, purchased KDEN the moment it was made available via the MSFS Marketplace. The marketplace was very quickly replaced by the new Contrail application, so it seems. I want to know how I can activate KDEN via the Contrail app as this new application seems to already have replaced the in-game content manager.


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Re: Redeeming KDEN in Contrail

Post by 29Palms » Thu Sep 03, 2020 3:30 am

Hi there,

Flightbeam is using Contrail as a distribution platform for the Flightbeam Shop as well as simmarket. So activation in those cases will either be via log-in or by serial number.
Contrail >= v1.0.3 does also pick up KDEN if it was purchased via the MS Marketplace or Steam. However in this mode, updates/installation of new versions are disabled since those will be handled by MS/Steam.

Concerning your question, Contrail does not replace the Marketplace, it is an alternative for customers who prefer to purchase from the Flightbeam Shop or Simmarket.

If you would like to have your purchase transfered over to the Flightbeam Shop, please send an e-mail to
contact [at]
containing your Flightbeam Shop account e-mail as well as the order receipt from the MS Marketplace.
Best regards,

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