July Screenshot Contest Winner

Firstly.. wow, fantastic screenshots everyone. Thanks to everyone who participated. To quote from a thread directly from the admin forum: “I can already tell this will be hard to pick”, and it really was. There were so many great screenshots that it took a little debating and figure out who the overall winner was, because it certainly wasn’t unanimous in terms of who the top 3 were.

So here is our winner of the screenshot contest:


You will receive a coupon for a complimentary copy of KSFO-HD, a brand new KSFO product due for release later this year. (email general@flightbeam.net to claim your prize)

Ok, now time for some honorable mentions. These screenshots were outstanding and were also debated. At some point, they may also be used on our website, or displayed on our facebook page.

Fantastic shots. Thanks again everybody for participating!