• AES Compatible!
  • Ultra realistic night lighting
  • Photoreal ground mesh with high res taxiways
  • Built-in shadows with no framerate loss
  • Moving trams and custom animations
  • Optimized for higher frame rates
  • Animated hold short lights at every intersection
  • Reflective windows
  • Static aircrafts with realistic shadows
  • Detailed Cargo areas
  • AES Compatible
  • Newly created Terminal 2 area

San Francisco is one of North America's biggest west coast airport hubs. With a unique surrounding landscape and approach rules, this scenery is must have for any simmer flying through North America.

KSFO was our first product launch, for this reason it's now a legacy product. We're now in the process of re-creating this airport from the ground up bring up to the quality level of our other products. Customers owning this product will receive a discount on the new KSFO HD. Click here for more information on the all new KSFO HD