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no autogen vegetation in NZ  [SOLVED]

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no autogen vegetation in NZ

Post by anatolski14 » Wed Oct 09, 2019 12:29 pm

Hello, have a new problem with NZWN only in my older flitghtsim prepar 4.3 version with orbx global, vector & NZNI and NZSI. If NZWN ist active I lost the autogen vegetation in whole NewZealand not in other regions. I tried to reinstall the orbx libs, Landclass files and so on. Al the settings in the flightbeam manager concerning conflicting files doesnt solve the problem. If NZWN is inactive everything is O.K. As said before, I dont have this anomaly in prepar 4.5. (but in prepar 4.5 I have a frame-Problem because of hardware limits...) - so I need a solution concerning NZWN in my prepar 4.3 version. I dont have the problem with other sceneries.
Thank you for any hint.

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Re: no autogen vegetation in NZ  [SOLVED]

Post by Mir // Flightbeam » Wed Oct 09, 2019 1:15 pm

Hi there,
That is a bit problematic, because the autogen in NZWN is specifically designed for P3D 4.4 and up. At this time P3D 4.3 is unsupported. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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