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Contact Support
Before you submit, have you checked the FAQ/Solution Center?
Most emails we receive can easily be resolved by finding the answer in the Solution Center.
Response time is 24-72 hours Monday-Friday. Thanks for your patience!

Important Support Bulletin
New KMSP Customers - Before you email, be sure you have excluded KMSP from GSX, otherwise this results in incorrect or missing jetways.
Additionally, remove any previous KMSP addons, such as ones from

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Thanks for submitting!

We will review your email, expect a response Monday-Friday within 24-72 hours. Thanks for your patience.

A few friendly notes and tips on contacting support.

  • We're a tiny collection of creatives: You are sending an email directly to the developer(s). Please be as concise and detailed as possible about the issue you are having to avoid long email chains which hold up development.
  • We're human beings too! Please be respectful and have patience. We do not tolerate hate or offensive emails, your email will receive no response.  Remember, this is a flight simulation game, not a life-threatening problem. The issue you need help with is a first-world problem. We also reserve the right to refuse service, in special circumstances.
  • Weekends are spent taking breaks from development and spending family time. You will receive a response Monday through Friday. Don't worry! We haven't forgotten about you, and your PC will still be there on Monday.
  • This cannot be iterated enough: Please be sure that you have searched the FAQ/Help Center. We get so many emails from customers who simply don't take the time to read. You can solve the problem in minutes, rather than waiting days for a response.
  • In many cases, the issue you may be having is an isolated case, meaning you may be the only one having the problem. In cases like this, you will be asked to follow specific troubleshooting steps so we can attempt to figure it out. The vast majority of cases like this end up being an incompatibility with another addon, causing various issues.
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