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Flightbeam was founded by Mir in 2009. With extensive game industry experience as Concept Artist, Lead Developer and Art Director for various companies, a small studio was founded to create airports for flight simulators. The Flightbeam vision is to create extremely detailed products for the most demanding customers, maximizing immersion. We value quality over quantity. Flightbeam now has more than 30,000 customers, including corporate clients and airlines who use our products for safety and training.


Our products are designed to provide the customer with pure immersion. With extensively detailed gates where the player spends the most time, we strive to ensure that the virtual pilot feels he or she is at the actual airport.

Much of this comes with broad experience at various video game production studios, where valuable experience was gained in asset optimization, production piplines, technical art skills and more.

Even though we have a high standard for visuals, we never compromise performance.

We also regularly provide military branches, agencies and airlines with critical digital assets which have been used for training and safety.



At Flightbeam, we quite literally handcraft our airports.

Modern development techniques tend to be overly automated, which noticeable with many products. Our textures are based off actual real world materials at the airport. We give them proper weathering and a first pass of subtle, baked Ambient Occlusion. We don't use automated software for PBR materials, each material has handcrafted, custom made, individual channels hand painted PBR.

Using state-of-the-art hardware, textures are now built at a eye-watering 8k resolution texture for future-proofing, and dynamically sized down for your hardware/sim settings. No two textures are alike, and we do not re-use main textures for other projects. Each airport is completely unique and has been custom built for approximately one year before it is set loose in the wild.


Most native Flightbeam products first undergo an extensive on-site, air-side survey with full cooperation of airport officials. This crucial step ensures that the airport's atmosphere is reflected in the final product.


Every little detail is captured with the help of an array of cameras, both handheld and mounted cameras on top of airport operations vehicles. This is later used to help produce cutting edge realistic textures and extreme accuracy. If a no-parking sign is found at the real airport, it will be in the product!

Almost all the textures you see in our products belongs to the actual airport.

Airport Survey


Over the years we've listened to customer feedback and have made it easier than ever to access products. Based on a partnership with 29Palms, we've made a one-login shop system in which you simply need one login to purchase and acquire your products.

Whether you're on Prepar3D or Microsoft Flight Simulator, we have a simple solution to deploy the product to your simulator of choice with ease.

In the future, we're planning on allowing you to configure your MSFS products in more detail.

As a standalone service, Flightbeam does not rely on third party vendors to distribute, sell or deploy our products. Everything is done behind the scenes without third parties, which cuts costs and allows us to deliver a better product.

Have questions? Contact us!


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