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Continuing with our tradition, it's time for Black Friday/Thanksgiving sales! We've got discounts on all products through December 1, 2022.

Not sure what to pick, or are new to our products? Some recommendations below:

- New Zealand Airport Pack (MSFS): The latest and greatest from Flightbeam. Many years of development and attention to detail. Also our best rated product. With this bundle you get both of the greatest airports which gives you an amazingly beautiful short hop in New Zealand. Great for both small and larger aircraft

- JetStream Italian Airports Bundle (MSFS): Do you enjoy island hopping? How about a pack of legendary airports in Southern Italy tailored by one of our best devs, JetStream Designs. This bundle includes three italian airports:Palermo LICJ / Lampedusa LICD / Pantelleria LICG. Each one is located on a different island.

- KIAD - Washington Dulles Airport (MSFS): Are airliners your thing? Then welcome to Washington DC's gateway airport. Featuring the classic terminal built in 1958 and the epic Udvar-Hazy Air and Space Museum.

And lastly... a BIG thank you to customers who have been supporting us by returning to our store and purchasing products. Without you we cannot survive.

Have a happy thanksgiving and happy flying!

We've got a first look at our newest upcoming MSFS product, KSFO - Captain's Edition. A complete overhaul and re-make our best selling airport to date.

To keep up with the latest Flightbeam dev news, be sure to subscribe to our dev blog here:

Our contributor, Filip Kalin has a treat for GSX and KIAD users.. a custom made profile, with support for Marketplace users.

This profile includes all gates, remote stands, cargo stands and GA parking.

With the inclusion of the .bgl file this means that the profile is also compatible with the Marketplace version of the scenery!

The profile aims to be as close as possible to real life and every parking position features:

Accurate ground handling and catering companies

Accurate stop positions (based on the PMDG 737-800, might be inaccurate for other aircraft)

Custom vehicle placements

Custom pushbacks

Passengers walking inside the terminal

NOTE: Walk-in gates A1A to A6F are not included due to GSX not recognizing these gates correctly

Download & Installation:

Download: KIAD GSX Profile

Extract the .zip file and move the .ini and .bgl files to %APPDATA%\Virtuali\GSX\MSFS

If you have any feedback or would like to download more GSX profiles you can find me at

Disclaimer: This is an unofficial modification and is not supported by Flightbeam Support

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