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Finally some exciting previews for KSFO: Captain's Edition with some detail shots of the new Harvey Milk Terminal 1, which is an absolutely massive new section of the airport which replaced an aging Southwest terminal. In these previews you can get a sense of what kind of detail to expect from this product, which is being future-proofed as much as possible and includes some new state-of-the-art optimization techniques for smooth performance.

As always, screenshots highlight a product that is in growth and everything is subject to change. Not seen in these shots is the terminal's interior which is work-in-progress.

We've been getting numerous support requests related to KDEN, which involves double buildings, incorrect parking spaces and more. This will occur if you have Asobo's KDEN installed in addition to our KDEN. This usually occurs after a Sim Update and the sim automatically re-installs Asobo's KDEN without your consent.

It's vital to check and remove Asobo's KDEN to ensure the best experience. We've got updated, easy instructions to follow to remove it:

Apart from Asobo KDEN conflicts, the most common issue we're seeing is customers installing GSX and forgetting that it modifies addon airports as well. You must exclude Flightbeam airports from GSX. Failure to do so will spawn incorrect, auto-generated jetways and remove our custom hand placed jetways, along with numerous other changes which has negative impact on performance and experience.

For any further support issues, please do visit our Help Center which is extremely helpful in diagnosing and finding solutions to common problems:

Following the update to NZAA after the NZ World Update, NZWN Wellington Airport has now also been updated to fix some of the big issues caused by World Update 12. The biggest issue encountered was the new NZ TIN and Terrain mesh applied by WU12, which creeped into the NZWN surrounding and caused some jarring lines along the coast. This essentially broke our hand painted watermask and caused the water color to change drastically.

The TIN exclusion was re-balanced, allowing some areas to show photogrammetry, and some of the weaker TIN areas to be excluded, showing sim-generated homes/buildings instead.

The more complex fixes were related to the custom terrain, which quite literally had to be re-done. The NZ mesh supplied by the WU12 update caused some significant terrain issues, which made the runway bumping and uneven. A lot of work was involved to re-do our custom terrain which accurately depicts the slope of the runway, from north to south. Significant work was also done at the south end of the runway, where the road tunnel going under runway 34 was essentially re-done. Note that some rough spots may be seen, this will be improved as future patches arrive.

Lastly we've implemented a custom ILS solution, so the scenery no longer relies on default sim data. This should help with many advanced addon aircraft which are either already out, or coming soon.

The update is now available through Contrail if you purchased NZWN through the Flightbeam webstore, Contrail or Simmarket.

For MSFS Marketplace customers, expect the update to arrive around the end of this month.

Happy flying!

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