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We get this question quite a bit, what's next for Flightbeam? The answer is sometimes more complicated than one would think. Now that our venture into New Zealand has come to an end, let's take a look at our future roadmap.

The following products are in production for MSFS:


- KSFO: Captain's Edition


- Unannounced project

A few important notes about this list:

- These are internal Flightbeam projects only (Mir) - third-party developer plans are not available.

- This list is in no particular order. Any of these projects may release next.

As with previous projects, these are not P3D ports, but extensive re-makes, with KSFO being the tallest order to-date.

The big focus moving forward will be major airports in the United States, regardless whether they've already been created.

A quick final note:

A big thank you to our customers supporting Flightbeam. Your support means a lot. With your purchase(s), future products can continue to be in production.

Ways to support us:

- Well, an obvious one: Purchase from us directly in our store:

- Leave us reviews! Marketplace and Flightbeam store, these help tremendously.

- Refer friends to us/share your experience on social media.

Thinking about purchasing some MSFS products and have previously purchased P3D products with us? We've got a special promotion for you: -35% off your entire order!

Use Coupon Code: FLYMSFS

Conditions for this coupon to work:

- You must have at least 1 P3D product in your Flightbeam Account

- Only MSFS products will be discounted.

This special promotion ends May 31, 2022.

Dear pilots,

NZWN for Microsoft Flight Simulator will be available on Tuesday, April 19 at 10am PST. Get your checklists ready! We have some great features available at this airport.

Our product page is also up with a large collection of screenshots. Here's some new media for you to enjoy:

Official Video:

A collection of official screenshots: