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Be sure to check for any product updates before launching.. the update has changed many aspects of the sim and some products required an update to be fully compatible.

Updated: Jul 21

Dear Captains,

NZAA Patch 1 is now ready to be applied via the Flightbeam Manager. The patch contains a variety of minor fixes and improvements.

NZAA v1.0.1 changelog

- Improved AFCAD for traffic flow, particularly ai aircraft that were not departing

- Turning off static aircraft in the NZAA options now re-enables the parking positions in the AFCAD for player-use or AI

- Various improvements to performance

- Slightly reduced runway rubber so pilots can see a hint of runway centerline

- Improved ground poly to avoid some sections disappearing when turning viewpoint

- Reduced size of red FX beacons on top of apron lighting

- Added texture redundancy for Jetways so users won't experience black jetways with custom folder locations

Fantastic screenshot from our customer Ole Henrik Sønsteby Gilbo

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