Production on NZAA is still the sole focus now for the core Flightbeam roadmap (core meaning non-published Flightbeam products). P3D work is happening in parallel with MSFS production and things are looking quite well for both sims.

We do get many emails and messages asking for a release date. I highly appreciate the interest in NZAA. Right now it's impossible to pin down a release date, or even a rough schedule. The challenge continues to be the Covid situation, since schools refuse to open up full time, I've essentially been a full time homeschooling parent for two young kids on top of all the Flightbeam production responsibilities since March 2020. It is without a doubt, an extreme challenge. I'm sure other parent flight simmers can relate. With that said there is something that will never be sacrificed no matter what, and that is quality. The

Flightbeam core brand is consistent and improves with every release, NZAA is no different.

Thank you for your patience and keep an eye out for more previews as the scenery slowly comes to completion.

- Mir

Updated: Mar 31

Fellow fliers, we're in search of a dedicated Support Specialist who can become a permanent part of the team. The Support Specialist is a contract, paid position and has the following main responsibilities: - Manage all incoming support requests/emails

- Take charge in investigating possible bugs and issues (various sims required)

- Become a Community Manager by taking over the forums and responding to customer posts

- Assist with BETA tests and various unreleased builds

This position requires approximately 4-5 hours a week, with compensation depending on experience. Preferably, the ideal candidate is knowledgeable with all current sims (P3D, FSX, MSFS and a little XPL) and has a good understanding of troubleshooting techniques.

If you are interested, please email us through the contact link and include your knowledge about current Flight Sims. Thank you!

Welcome to Milano, an Italian city known for fashion, business and culture! Linate airport (LIML) is conveniently located just six kilometers away from downtown Milan, making the airport very popular among business travelers. Main destinations are domestic and European, while bigger Malpensa airport (LIMC) takes care of long-haul flights. The airport is also home for the “Milano Linate Prime” Corporate and General Aviation center, first Business Aviation center in Italy and fifth in Europe.

This Milano Linate scenery has undergone a major makeover in order to take advantage of the many impressive features of the new Microsoft Flight Simulator, including all-PBR materials, custom groundwork, and immersive night lighting.

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