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Welcome to Sky Harbor International. With it's 326-foot control  tower, three active taxiway bridges and an Arizona Air National Guard  base, KPHX is one of the most unique airports in the U.S.

KPHX was designed for FSX and Lockheed Martin's PREPAR3D; one  of the most detailed airport renditions ever made for a simulation.  With our extensive experience in the game industry, KPHX is optimized to  a high degree to bring you the best possible performance even with the  most demanding third-party aircrafts, all while displaying stunning  attention to detail at every terminal.

Developer: Mir - Flightbeam Studios

Release date: Summer 2012


  • NEW! Version 2.0, uses Flightbeam Manager

  • NEW! Dynamic Lighting (P3Dv4+ only)

  • NEW! Floodlight lamp glows

  • Stunning 2048x2048 High Definition textures for terminals

  • Active Jetways

  • Built-in shadows with no framerate loss

  • Moving trams and custom animations

  • Three highly detailed taxiway bridges

  • Animated hold short lights

  • Reflective windows

  • Static aircrafts with realistic shadows

  • High tech optimization for best performance

  • .. and MUCH more