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Kia ora and welcome to Auckland International Airport (NZAA), the heart of New Zealand and the busiest airport in the country with over 21 million passengers a year. Located only 13 miles (21km) from the city center, Auckland Airport is a massive hub for international travel with destinations served all over the world. 

NZAA is our most ambitious project yet, with a full airside survey done in cooperation with airport officials and the most detailed terminal exteriors of all our products. In addition to hand-painted close-up details, you'll experience immersive details on approach or departure, featuring custom water-masking for the entire Manukau Harbour, and extensive autogen details paired with detailed photo-scenery to the north and east of the airport. Packed all into one, highly-optimized product designed to run as smooth as possible on your system. 

Developer: Mir - Flightbeam Studios

Release date: Summer 2021


  • Features the newly updated Flightbeam Manager system

  • Configuration Manager allows you to quickly customize NZAA to your liking

  • Extensive, highly detailed and realistic 4096x4096 textures

  • Utilizes SODE for advanced jetway interaction with aircraft

  • All new Gen-5 Flightbeam Jetways, packed with astounding detail

  • Utilizes SODE VDGS for precise parking with dynamic displays (optional, requires SODE VDGS)

  • Includes expansive surroundings of the airport

  • Custom water-masking for the entire Manukau Harbour

  • Includes custom static GA and NZ Airlines at apron parking

  • Dynamic lights

  • Leverages P3D's material scripting engine for dynamic runway lights during low-visibility

  • Key interior areas modeled, including the main terminal and domestic terminal

Heads-up! This product is for Prepar3D v4 and v5 only. NZAA for Microsoft Flight Simulator (NZAA) is coming soon (~August).


Operating System

Microsoft Windows 10+

Computer Processor

Octa Core @ 3.7 GHz + (e.g. Intel Core i7/i9)

Computer Memory

16 GB DDR4/2666MHz +

Hard Drive Space

1.1GB minimum
M.2 or Solid State Drive (SSD) is strongly recommended

Graphics Card Video Memory

8+ GB (e.g. NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Ti)


Administrator Rights (for installation only)
Microsoft Core XML Services (MSXML) 6.0
Microsoft .NET Framework 4.8
1920×1080 minimum screen resolution for primary display

Publisher: Flightbeam Studios

Developer: Mir - Flightbeam Studios

Release Date: Summer 2021

Platform: Prepar3D v4, v5

Installer and Manager Platform: Flightbeam Manager

All screenshots taken with Prepar3D v5.2 (stock)

If you own Orbz NZNI (New Zealand North Island), you MUST run the troubleshooting tool in the Flightbeam Manager to disable key files. Additionally, Orbx NZNI must be below Flightbeam NZAA in the Scenery Library.

SODE VDGS is required to use VDGS at NZAA. Once SODE VDGS is installed, the guidance systems will appear automatically. You can acquire VDGS here:

SODE is required to use jetway systems. SODE is a free addon:

Dynamic lighting in P3D is required for night lights in NZAA. 

Full product Manual

GEN 5 Jetways

Next level generation of jetways which allows full attachment of any aircraft


Full Scale details

Next level generation of jetways which allows full attachment of any aircraft


GEN 5 Jetways

Next level generation of jetways which allows full attachment of any aircraft

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