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Time to file your flight plans - and make sure your destination or arrival gate is Concourse B! We've got a plump update for KDEN.

If you've missed our previous updates about KDEN, we're doing a multi-part update to this massive airport to reflect the real-world construction and expansions to the terminals. Since the scope of the update is so massive, we've split it up into 3 separate updates. This first one focused on the largest Concourse, which is Concourse B - operated by United Airlines.

Full Change log:

* Brand new west side expansion with new gates (Concourse B)

* All new Gen-5 Flightbeam custom jetways, including regional gates (Concourse B)

* Completely renewed interior modeling, from the ground up (Concourse A, B)

* Static passengers to give the huge interiors some life (Concourse B)

* Various textures re-worked from scratch

* New ground FX textures with oil/wet stains (Concourse B)

* Removed trees in the immediate area of KDEN, caused by new Bing imagery update

* Other minor items improved or fixed

The update is now live via Contrail: simply open Contrail and update. Be sure your Flightbeam account is properly connected within Contrail, otherwise you will see an older version.

MSFS Marketplace customers: Updates still take anywhere from 2-6 weeks for MS ingestion and approval. So we expect it to go live in the MSFS Marketplace either end of February or March.

This update is free! Your support means a lot to us, give a supportive review or refer us through social media.

Happy Flying!

(AI Traffic provided by: Just Flight FS Traffic)

Update: All spaces filled. Thanks for your interest!

Flightbeam KDEN v1.1.0 (Concourse B Update) needs a small group of early access customers to ensure QC. Only a small handful of pilots needed!


- MUST have purchased KDEN MSFS from the Flightbeam Webstore/Contrail (technical requirement to give you early access)

Spaces typically fill up quite quickly, so if your account is not chosen, don't worry! The update is imminent anyway. Early access period will only last for 24-48 hours.

Hello everyone!

It's been a while and since there's been a lot of development with the new KDEN update I figured this would be a good time to update everyone on what to expect.

I've been extremely fortunate to have some amazing customers who work at the airport, send me a slew of previous photos of the massive expansions happening at the airport. It's become apparent that this is by far one of the biggest real world expansions at an airport I've seen in some time. For this reason I'm breaking this update up into 2 or 3 separate updates. The reason for this is due to the nature of the update, which is free, and the considerable time it takes just to update one terminal. I'm not simply adding the new expansion section.. each massive terminal in its entirety is being updated with big visual upgrades:

- New 4k textures and updated PBR

- Exterior modeling upgrades

- Entirely new interior, completely re-made from scratch

- Brand new Flightbeam Gen-5 Jetways at each gate

- Static passengers at some gates

- ... and most obviously.. the new expanded section of the terminal.

The first update is coming soon, and it will feature the newly renovated Concourse B, which is the largest one at KDEN. The reason B comes first is simple, the construction of this expansion at the real airport is long complete already (the other expansions are still under construction at the airport). Note that there is still ongoing construction on the east side of Concourse B at the regional gates, this new section will not be included yet.

Along with those upgrades, I'll also be including proper airline codes for each gate, to accommodate the new AI traffic programs that have been recently coming out. Those changes will be reflected at ALL gates with the first update.

Lastly, a few teasers:

Probably the most patient passengers in the world.

The tail-end of the new Concourse B expansion. All-new jetways

Concourse B observation deck.

Disclaimer: Note that features may be subject to change at any time.

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