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Important: GSX Jetways and Flightbeam Airports

We've been getting quite a lot of support emails lately related to GSX. In fact, most of our support tickets are now directly related to GSX and the issues it causes. Unfortunately this also pulls us away from production of new airports due to back and forth emails, so it's important that we issue an very important support bulletin.

First, two very important notes to make:

  1. GSX Jetways are NOT designed to work at 3rd party airports with custom jetways

  2. Flightbeam Products are NOT designed to work with GSX Jetways

The biggest issue we are facing is customers are failing to exclude our airports and other 3rd party airports from GSX, which in turn causes GSX to replace both our gate positions and jetways. Customers then generate support requests, thinking that our product is faulty with incorrect jetway positions and visuals. We think that this should be handled better by GSX and FSDT in general, especially considering this generates negative reviews for us.

If you own GSX, you MUST manually exclude all Flightbeam airports from GSX. Failure to do so causes several product-breaking issues.

An example here is how GSX replaces NZWN Jetways, if no action is taken:

In this example, GSX autogenerates an incorrectly-placed jetway which is widely inacurrate for this airport visually, but also will fail to connect to your aircraft. The Wellington logo makes the customer assume we've made this jetway, generating a lot of support tickets and negative reviews. The aircraft also spawns in an incorrect position, since GSX has also generated it's own parking spots.

Also, visit FSDT for support, we do not provide any support on fixing GSX:,73.0.html?PHPSESSID=oi8kggn0nvbgn44e3gjll4oggp



I definitely won’t be buying GSX then. Thanks for the heads up.

Replying to

GSX seems to be a bit of a hot mess. I am trying to use GSX Level 2 with Prepar3D v5.4 and I am having nothing but problems and strange behaviors. If I am forced to choose, I will uninstall GSX and keep the FB airports. It would be nice to be able to make GSX work if someone knows how, but my patience is wearing thin trying to figure it out myself.

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