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Important Notice for KDEN [MSFS] Customers

We've been getting numerous support requests related to KDEN, which involves double buildings, incorrect parking spaces and more. This will occur if you have Asobo's KDEN installed in addition to our KDEN. This usually occurs after a Sim Update and the sim automatically re-installs Asobo's KDEN without your consent.

It's vital to check and remove Asobo's KDEN to ensure the best experience. We've got updated, easy instructions to follow to remove it:

Apart from Asobo KDEN conflicts, the most common issue we're seeing is customers installing GSX and forgetting that it modifies addon airports as well. You must exclude Flightbeam airports from GSX. Failure to do so will spawn incorrect, auto-generated jetways and remove our custom hand placed jetways, along with numerous other changes which has negative impact on performance and experience.

For any further support issues, please do visit our Help Center which is extremely helpful in diagnosing and finding solutions to common problems:



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