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JetStream Italian Airports Bundle now available

Now available via the Flightbeam Webstore: JetStream's latest gem collection which consists of three picturesque destinations in Southern Italy:

Palermo LICJ

Lampedusa LICD

Pantelleria LICG

A perfect collection for short hops in MSFS in a wide variety of aircraft!

Features (depending on the airport):

• Custom, highly detailed ground textures • Realistic night lighting, with hand placed, illuminated floodlights and glows • Full PBR and HD textures • Highly optimized • (LICJ) Internal modeling for the terminal • (LICJ) Custom basements • (LICJ) Includes the new east apron • (LICJ) Detailed custom animated jetways • (LICD) Highly detailed cliffs 3D models on east of the island, on RWY26 final • (LICD) Enhanced Lampedusa harbour • (LICD and LICG) 3D people • (LICG) Military area included, with static C-130, HH-101 and F-35 aircraft • (LICG) Sloped airport



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