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KDEN (MSFS) Updated to v1.4 (v1.04 in app)

KDEN has been updated to version 1.4, bringing some significant changes to the airport.

Being an MSFS launch addon, KDEN went through some growing pains with the brand new simulator. The most significant challenge was incorporating the drastic terrain at the airport into the sim. At launch, MSFS's SDK was very limited in regards to terraforming capabilities. This resulted in many taxiways and even runways being a bit too steep.. and some taxiways having some rough edges. Since then, many new SDK updates have been developed and the airport is now much, much smoother for your taxiing, takeoff and landing adventures. There has been many other improvements as well, such as some targeted areas getting custom ortho imagery and better blending with models.

Full changelog below:

- Significant revamp of the terrain system, fixes to flatten bumps and various taxiway issues

- Custom ortho imagery for better blending

- Added various custom objects in airport perimeter

- Many fixes to models and textures for improved visuals

- Fixed terrain for track tunneling

- Custom ILS navaids

Updating as a Flightbeam Webshop customer:

If you are a current customer and would like to update, here are instructions. This applies only to Flightbeam shop customers. - Uninstall the previous version via Contrail app - Download the new version via our shop (login required): - Install and happy flying!

Updating as a MSFS Marketplace customer:

As of February 18, 2021, the update is now live on the MSFS Marketplace as well. If you purchased via the marketplace you can acquire the update by going to your profile, then Content Manager and finding Flightbeam KDEN to update. Please note the update will appear as v1.04 in the Marketplace and Contrail. This is normal.

Thanks and enjoy!



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