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KDEN v1.1.0 (MSFS) is now live

Time to file your flight plans - and make sure your destination or arrival gate is Concourse B! We've got a plump update for KDEN.

If you've missed our previous updates about KDEN, we're doing a multi-part update to this massive airport to reflect the real-world construction and expansions to the terminals. Since the scope of the update is so massive, we've split it up into 3 separate updates. This first one focused on the largest Concourse, which is Concourse B - operated by United Airlines.

Full Change log:

* Brand new west side expansion with new gates (Concourse B)

* All new Gen-5 Flightbeam custom jetways, including regional gates (Concourse B)

* Completely renewed interior modeling, from the ground up (Concourse A, B)

* Static passengers to give the huge interiors some life (Concourse B)

* Various textures re-worked from scratch

* New ground FX textures with oil/wet stains (Concourse B)

* Removed trees in the immediate area of KDEN, caused by new Bing imagery update

* Other minor items improved or fixed

The update is now live via Contrail: simply open Contrail and update. Be sure your Flightbeam account is properly connected within Contrail, otherwise you will see an older version.

MSFS Marketplace customers: Updates still take anywhere from 2-6 weeks for MS ingestion and approval. So we expect it to go live in the MSFS Marketplace either end of February or March.

This update is free! Your support means a lot to us, give a supportive review or refer us through social media.

Happy Flying!

(AI Traffic provided by: Just Flight FS Traffic)



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