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LFBO - Dev Update + Screenshots

LFBO - Toulouse–Blagnac Airport from developer JetStream Designs is officially in P3D beta testing. It's been a long journey for those patiently waiting for the release of this gem, but we're happy to announce the wait will soon come to an end. For those flying in MSFS, the release will come shortly after P3D release.

We've got some new previews, with much more coming soon.

Prepar3D v5 Screenshots:

LFBO - Prepar3D

LFBO - Prepar3D

LFBO is a Flightbeam exclusive.

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Darryl Enault
Darryl Enault
11. Sept. 2021

Looks like Thomas as been busy, nicely done.

Btw, how about CDG next...

Gefällt mir
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