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MSFS Marketplace Update - Big Delays

Dear Customers,

Preface: this is intended for Marketplace customers. If you purchased on our shop, or 3rd party store, this does not apply.

With the release of Sim Update V, many have noticed that some airports are displaying some particular issues. We had early access to Sim Update V and have identified the vast majority of these issues and have issued updates to the MSFS Marketplace in mid-July. We're now well into August and unfortunately there is a massive delay from Microsoft in processing updates from developers. According to Microsoft, the earliest these updates will arrive in the MSFS Marketplace is August 12+.

This is quite unfortunate for those who have purchased our products in the MSFS Marketplace, especially considering our shop customers have already had the patches since the day of Sim Update V release.

We highly recommend purchasing our products directly from our store, for many reasons:

  • You receive updates the same day they are released. Marketplace updates takes 2-8 weeks for release.

  • You receive points for every purchase. You can use these points for discounts on future purchases.

  • You are eligible for refunds and exchanges, as long as they fall within our policies.

  • We can better troubleshoot issues as they installation and deployment is managed by us.

  • For some products.. and almost all future products, you can customize some aspects of the airports to your liking. Marketplace installs are fixed and you cannot customize them.

  • Starting August 2021, Flightbeam Marketplace prices will be raised to offset the cost of support and royalty given to Microsoft and Steam.

Note that there are still some lingering bugs stemming from Sim Update V, some of these are sim-related and are to be resolved directly by Asobo.

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Eduardo Giorguli
Eduardo Giorguli
18 ago 2021

Thanks for the advice. I actually have CTD issues with the KDEN airport that was purchased via MSFS Marketplace 🙁

I hope asobo will give us the update soon. I also purchased KPDX and KIAD airports... all are AWESOME.

Me gusta
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