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New Forums

After 11+ years of PHPBB forums, we finally let go and have moved on to a cleaner, more secure and future-friendly forum tech.

Unfortunately, it was not possible to merge all the all PHPBB posts and accounts, we must start from a clean slate.

Due to the number of total products we now have, it no longer makes sense to create a forum for each product. So in the product support forum, you will see only Sim Categories.

A HUGE number of features are present in these new forums. Some highlights:

- It's now MUCH easier to attach files and images

- Hashtags are supported and displayed in the title if used

- Say hello to a huge number of emojis

- Did you say Gifs? Yes, we even have those.

- Fully integrated with our website, use the same account to comment in our Blog.

- A huge number of settings and features in your profile

- Fully compatible with various Login accounts: Google, Facebook. No more cumbersome and long PHPBB account creation process, with activation emails getting lost.

- Follow specific categories or topics, receive notifications.

- Coming soon: Custom selectable badges for our members.

Check out the new forum now, and be sure to make a post to introduce yourself!

If you have any feedback, please let me know!

Final note: I'm currently looking out for a volunteer to help manage the forums. If you are interested please send me a message through here, or the general contact page. Please note due to the volume of emails received, I will not be able to respond to each email.



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