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New Zealand Sale

To celebrate the launch of Sim Update 12, which focuses on New Zealand, we're discounting our famous NZ Destinations which are the largest airports in the country: Auckland International (NZAA) and Wellington International (NZWN).

Auckland International - Domestic Terminal

They also happen to be our most recent products, packed with an immense amount of details and interactive features. Our current flagship product, NZAA, features dynamic VDGS* guidance systems almost all gates, making your experience completely immersive.

Wellington International (NZWN) is a must for pilots looking for a challenge. With frequent adverse and windy conditions, it's often a challenge getting your aircraft down gently on the sloped runway. Once on the ground, you will notice our exclusive animated runway guard lights, both on the sides of the taxiways and integrated into the taxiway.

Animated Guard Lights

For more info, check out the product pages for each airport, or visit our store.

*Please note that VDGS at NZAA is only available when purchased through the Flightbeam store. The MSFS Marketplace does not allow multi-part installations which is required to install the VDGS module.



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