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NZAA - Auckland Airport for MSFS - Previews

Another kiwi treasure is in progress, in parallel with Wellington. As promised our highly successful NZAA which first went out to P3D is coming soon to MSFS. Rest assured, this is not a port. During the main development phase of NZAA, we branched out a second version of this airport specifically designed for MSFS*.

In the meantime, here are a few teasers so you know what to expect.

*Footnote: Technically, none of our MSFS products are ports. They are native 3dsmax models with re-designed PBR materials, compiled using the latest MSFS SDK available at the time by a professional artist. Many months are spent re-doing aspects of the airport to prepare it for MSFS, even older products. For this reason, there is no remnants of older sims whatsoever in our products. The digital assets are refreshed and/or have been re-done.

A port, on the other hand, is a product that has been converted from it's previous compiled format, to a different compiled format.

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