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NZAA - Auckland Intl Now Available for MSFS

Welcome to Auckland International, the largest and busiest airport in beautiful New Zealand. Auckland Airport is a unique airport which is home to some of the longest international routes known in aviation.

Our massive NZAA project began with a full onsite and airside survey. which was completed in 2019 and allowing us to re-create the airport in unprecedented detail. Once Microsoft Flight Simulator was released mid-way through production, the full potential of this project came to light. The project branched out to a separate, native MSFS version and was finally completed in November 2021 after many pandemic and logistical challenges.

While our Prepar3D version of NZAA was our most successful project yet, the MSFS version retains some of the most cutting edge visuals yet, with the latest PBR and 3d techniques applied to depict the most immersive product we've released to date. A great amount of effort was put into optimization, which allows the vast majority of users to appreciate the product with modest systems, even though it's the most detailed and polygon-intensive airport we have in our library.

Our work doesn't stop here. We're still working on new features, such as VDGS (Visual docking guidance system) and improved airport life, with custom dynamic airport vehicles and passengers/workers.

NZAA for MSFS is now available for $19.99 USD



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