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NZAA [MSFS] On Approach - BETA

With MSFS Sim Update 6 now available and some key issues fixed, NZAA is quickly approaching finals. We're launching our small beta program this week. [BETA positions all filled]

As we mentioned in a previous blog post, NZAA branched out many months ago in order to produce native, high quality product for each intended simulator. Our P3D version was our best selling product ever, and generated a massive amount of positive feedback.

A few things will be different in the MSFS version which leverages the efficiency and visuals of the platform:

- Completely custom approach lighting system. Appears only at night.

- Custom taxiway lights, with each one modeled with detail.

- Highly detailed, hand painted PBR textures for every single object/building.

- 3d Characters in various places

- and more!

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Simply amazing Mir! I have the P3D version. I have hardly used it because I am flying mostly in MSFS nowadays, but I bought it to support you and your company. Looking forward to buy the MSFS version!

Mir [Flightbeam]
Mir [Flightbeam]
Oct 21, 2021
Replying to

Very much appreciate your support Frank!

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