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NZAA (MSFS) Update v1.2 Now Available

The MSFS World Update brings a host of new visuals, photogrammetry, landmarks.... and unfortunately some very complex bugs for a couple of our airports. This NZAA update addresses those bugs and also brings some improvements. Full change log:

- Photogrammetry/TIN correction, which caused harsh, unblended lines in the water/land

- Numerous stray auto-generated objects removed

- Re-flattened terrain logic due to conflicting NZ World Update mesh

- Gate corrections and Jetway attachment improvements

- Runway re-alignment

- Removed static aircraft per numerous customer feedback

- Plus many more minor fixes.

Known issues/updates:

- The current World Update NZ has caused our custom satellite imagery to become blurry if Auckland/World Photogrammetry is enabled/installed. We're reaching out to Asobo to have this issue addressed.

- The ILS deviation issue has been resolved by Navigraph. This was caused by incorrect data used by Navigraph. If you use Navigraph, please update to the latest airac cycle to avoid this issue.

Release schedule:

Flightbeam/Contrail webstore customers: The release is now live.

MSFS Marketplace: 2-6 weeks per Microsoft validation pass



Eduardo Giorguli
Eduardo Giorguli
Apr 30, 2023

The airport is awesome. Just one thing is driving me crazy... when approaching and landing Im having stutters/lags due to the scenary loading. Is it just me or a known issue?

I own the 1.2 version purchased via marketplace in MSFS.


Great did not take long to get an update. Appreciated.


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