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NZAA Quick Update

We often get emails asking whether NZAA is still alive. So it's time for a quick update: The project is certainly still alive (why wouldn't it be?).. and it's currently the main production objective. Current task is the complex ground work at the airport as all the terminals have already been completed. The ground is utilizing the multi-layered hand created textures, similar to NZWN and will be receiving some ultra high definition textures found at the real airport, based off the on-site, airside survey done at the airfield.

The next rumor we seem to hear a lot is that we killed off the P3D version of NZAA. That is also not true. Even though we dispel this rumor every month or so with Facebook updates, it appears to return fairly regularly. At this current time, this airport is still being created for P3D as well. The plan is for a simultaneous release of both P3D and MSFS versions. I hope that this update clears up some confusion.. and also some strange theories we keep reading about :) Clear skies!




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