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NZWN: Collection of latest screenshots/teasers

We're crunching through the NZWN beta furiously, our testers have had fantastic contributions since they are almost all local to the airport. During this time we've had the chance to take some teaser shots of various features or views. Here are some of them that you may have missed.

  1. New Runway Guard Lights - elevated wig-wags and insert guard lights

2. Main Terminal Front side

This shot highlights our custom ground work which involves multiple layers of PBR materials and custom touches such as isolates spots of saturated asphalt

3. Runway 34 Threshold

Lots of hand placed/hand painted details. A newer feature is the graffiti along the concrete wall. This area is still Work-in-Progress and may not represent the final state of the product.

4. Ground work

An extensive amount of work to not only make it 100% accurate like the real airport, but also as realistic as possible. Also seen in this shot is our custom taxilight models which are truly directional and display proper colors near runways.

NZWN is set to release this month. We'll have a more exact time frame as we get further into the beta. Thanks for your patience!



This looks great. The level of detail is phenomenal.I cannot wait for it to be released. Outstanding work to all those involved.


I want a signed copy LoL


Ben Meyer
Ben Meyer
Apr 06, 2022

Looks outstanding!

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