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What's next for Flightbeam?

We get this question quite a bit, what's next for Flightbeam? The answer is sometimes more complicated than one would think. Now that our venture into New Zealand has come to an end, let's take a look at our future roadmap.

The following products are in production for MSFS:


- KSFO: Captain's Edition


- Unannounced project

A few important notes about this list:

- These are internal Flightbeam projects only (Mir) - third-party developer plans are not available.

- This list is in no particular order. Any of these projects may release next.

As with previous projects, these are not P3D ports, but extensive re-makes, with KSFO being the tallest order to-date.

The big focus moving forward will be major airports in the United States, regardless whether they've already been created.

A quick final note:

A big thank you to our customers supporting Flightbeam. Your support means a lot. With your purchase(s), future products can continue to be in production.

Ways to support us:

- Well, an obvious one: Purchase from us directly in our store:

- Leave us reviews! Marketplace and Flightbeam store, these help tremendously.

- Refer friends to us/share your experience on social media.

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