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Welcome to Portland International Airport, pride of the Rose City, and second busiest hub in the Pacific Northwest of the US.

KPDXHD was lovingly crafted by former Portlander Bill Womack,  who took a great many of the source photos himself and spent many  months hand-crafting this lovely, modern facility, which in real life  was voted best in the United States several years running by Conde Nast  Traveler magazine. This version has undergone a major makeover in order  to take advantage of the many stunning features of the new Microsoft  Flight Simulator, including all-PBR materials, custom groundwork, and  immersive night lighting. Now KPDX can look as good as the rest of the  Pacific Northwest in the sim!

This version of KPDX is compatible with Microsoft Flight Simulator only.  
See the P3D version here


  • The first iBlueYonder product for the new Microsoft Flight Simulator

  • Features the new Contrail installation system.

  • All materials reworked for full PBR support

  • Uses native MSFS techniques for high-detail ground polygons

  • Night lighting fully reworked for stunning after-hours graphics

  • Includes real-world static aircraft at gates

  • Optimized for excellent performance