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Welcome to San Francisco International, gateway to the Pacific and 7th busiest airport in the United States.

KSFOHD is a completely new product, not an update to our  previous KSFO. It's been re-created from scratch with all new  development techniques to bring you one of the most immersive and  detailed simulation airports ever made.

Developer: Mir - Flightbeam Studios

Release date: Fall 2015


  • NEW! SODE VDGS Support (Visual Docking Guidance System)

  • NEW! Version 2.0, uses Flightbeam Manager

  • NEW! SODE Animated, dynamic jetways that accurately attach to your aircraft

  • NEW! Dynamic Lighting at terminals, Cargo areas, Maintenance buildings (P3D v4 only)

  • NEW! Special environmental effects such as water puddles and lamp glows

  • Completely updated, including new ATC tower, new Boarding E building and more!

  • Custom, ultra realistic see through windows with dirt, reflections and smudges

  • Animated vehicles

  • Volumetric 3d grass throughout airport

  • Static aircraft (East Apron parking only)

  • Detailed highway overpasses covering US-101 and I380 highway interchanges

  • High tech optimization for best performance

  • .. and MUCH more