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KMSP for MSFS - Now Available

Moving right along our roadmap as promised, Flightbeam is proud to announce the release of KMSP - Minneapolis St. Paul International Airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator. A culmination of years of development over time and an extensive onsite, airside survey, KMSP follows the footsteps of our previous internal products that focus on carefully crafted models to convey full immersion for serious flight simulation users.

All New Models and Construction

KMSP airport has been busy since our last work on it. The massive new garage named Silver Ramp is an 11-story behemoth, with intricate metal work all around. Of course, this is included, in fantastic detail too, featuring parked vehicles inside, along with visible lights from the ramps. Closeby, a hotel has also sprung up. The Intercontinental Hotel is nestled right between the A and G gates. Right across the hotel lies the brand new G gates with the shiny new Delta Sky Club, featuring an outdoor seating area with great views of 30L and the G-gates! We'll let you discover that on your own.

Flightbeam Detail

Our proprietary techniques means the same immersive gate detail. Instead of pushing products every month, we visit each and every airport to capture the atmosphere, detail and all the nuances. The gates are absolutely packed with detail, ready for your aircraft!

Left, our airside survey. Right, our product.

Full Feature list:

  • Latest real-world (2023) taxiway layouts and newest construction included

  • Extensive, highly detailed and realistic 4096x4096 textures

  • Detailed Flightbeam Gen-5 dynamic jetways with custom signage

  • Multi-layered, realistic hand-painted ground textures with PBR and custom decals

  • Passenger models at various gates

  • New Flightbeam SoundFX, placed in various locations, captured from real life airports

  • Key interior areas modeled in the terminal

  • All new animated inset and elevated runway guard lights

  • Dense amount of custom tarmac objects, modeled after actual objects from airport

  • State-of-the-art optimization techniques, bringing you absolute best possible performance

Why stop here? We've already got even more goodies coming to KMSP in the upcoming v1.1:

  • Massive interior upgrade

  • Animated passengers

  • Many more improvements to custom terrain

  • Hangar interiors

  • and more!

Time to fly! Visit our official Product Page, or visit the store.



Great job (as always) on MSP Mir! What an awesome surprise that MSP dropped without notice!

Can't wait to get SFO, and I hope you're still planning to do PHX. I've been doing my best to resist getting the one that is currently available, because I'd much rather have a Flightbeam PHX. :)

Replying to

So happy to hear that! Definitely looking forward to it!

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