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All of our installers now support P3D v3.2 thanks to an update by FSDT. Simply install using the same installer and updated files will be fetched during installation. As always, our downloads page is located right here:

Hello everyone, As I'm sure you've noticed it's been quiet around here. For those who've known us since we started, they may know that this means we're knee deep in development and progress is being made. With that said, I…



Flightbeam Studios is dedicated in bringing you an authentic experience in Flight Simulator airports around the world.

Founded in 2009, our vision, production quality and coverage grows continously. Our focus on artistic recreation of international airports is aimed to immerse you for the best simulation experience. We cater to home simulators, as well as high end professional simulation environments. Our products are hand built, based on on-site photo surveys from which we capture detail down to the meter.