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KMSPHD is a venture into a new level of immersion and realism. Easily eclipsing the detail level of previous products, KMSPHD was handcrafted after an extensive on-site photo survey in conjunction with the official assistance of airport officials (MAC). This…

Installing Flightbeam Airports into P3D v4 will not cost you anything if you already own the product. The following airports will be P3D v4 compatible and no extra charge to install into P3D v4: KSFO-HD KDEN-HD KIAD-HD KPHX-HD And of…


KSFOHD v2 has been released. More info here:

This update is FREE. Cool right? Over a month of development went into this update and we listened to your feedback. We support our customers.. and we hope you support us back. Check out some of our other products and give them a spin. The more support we have, the quicker and higher quality products you receive.
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Flightbeam Studios is dedicated in bringing you an authentic experience in Flight Simulator airports around the world.

Founded in 2009, our vision, production quality and coverage grows continously. Our focus on artistic recreation of international airports is aimed to immerse you for the best simulation experience. We cater to home simulators, as well as high end professional simulation environments. Our products are hand built, based on on-site photo surveys from which we capture detail down to the meter.